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Imagine how much better entrepreneurship would be if...

➣ Instead of constantly hustling for clients and feeling like each day could be your last in business, you have a waitlist of new leads begging to be added to your empire

➣ You felt easy & confident in front of a crowd and could dominate any interview to the point that listeners are drooling to work with you

➣ You could raise your rates with ZERO pushback from clients and customers, because they know you’re a top-brass pro

➣ Interview opportunities came to you, instead of you having to seek them out all the time


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Because of some incredible training through this program (and I'm like, 1/2 through the videos) I have been able to kill it on media interviews lately, score MORE interviews, AND just guest hosted a popular chat that reached over 683K! 

Ashley offers SUCH a great framework for success!! I spent too much time winging this shit.

Jen brown, author, founder of the engaging educator


Master the Media has given me the confidence to not only effectively do my own PR...

...but wow various media outlets with my writing. From identifying my target audience, to writing a pitch letter, to looking great for an interview, I now feel certain that I can and will be successful in my industry. I highly recommend Ashley's Master the Media course. It is a powerful and valuable gem for any entrepreneur at any stage of their journey. Thank you Ashley!

Ashley K Alaimo