Here’s how this comprehensive training breaks down…


Module 01

PR Basics & The PR Industry

You'll discover exactly how the public relations industry works and how the game is played when it comes to media exposure (and use it to your advantage).

  • Discover the HOW and WHY of positioning yourself as an expert
  • Know what’s timely and newsworthy, so journalists want to publish your story ASAP
  • Essential mindset shifts to make overcome mental blocks and make your pitches convincing
  • Master Plan Blueprint to help you craft your custom media campaign

    Module 02

    Find Your Target Customer

    Discover who your raving fans are and connect with them on a deep and powerful level to share your true vision and build valuable relationships.

  • The “Empathy-First” approach to PR for attracting your ideal customers
  • A plug ‘n’ play questionnaire for determining your customers pleasure and pain points
  • How to craft a story your customers will click on (because what good is a media feature if your audience did not see it?)

    Module 03

    Find Your Talking Points, Media Angles, and the Right Reporter to Champion You

    Learn how to quickly identify the juiciest media angles that can get you tons of coverage, help you gain massive exposure, and align your messaging and the vision that truly lies in your heart.

  • Discover my formula for finding email addresses, without paying $3000/month for a media database
  • The mechanics of a successful pitch letter, from subject line to email signature
  • Know how often to follow up and what to put in your follow-up emails
  • Match the right story to the right platform, so your A-list pitch doesn’t fall on the wrong ears
  • Get a list of sample outlets to pitch by topic and category

    Module 04

    Crush Your Media Interview

    Make a huge positive impact during your interviews plus, find out how your best interviews can provide a platform of exposure for years to come.

  • A step-by-step process for preparing the interview once you’ve got a “yes”
  • How to take control of the interview in the first 15 seconds
  • The “stall” trick you MUST use if you want your interview to win you clients and customers
  • A question-by-question formula that works no matter what you’re asked

    Module 05

    Leverage Your Interviews For More Media Requests

    Gain more exposure, learn to leverage your time more effectively, and negotiate deals with larger and larger media outlets.

  • How to leverage your media coverage to get the maximum juice out of every feature
  • The ever-evolving pitch letter that grows with each new media opportunity
  • How to use your media coverage to build credibility with Facebook ads while you work on other things
  • Spin a single feature article into a year’s worth of publicity