Hold the phone a sec! This program is not for you if:


➣ You think it’s egotistical to try and get media attention. If you’re going to get land major media attention, I need you to really want this—with zero judgment on yourself or anyone else in the program.

➣ You have no idea what you want to be known for or who your target audience is. Master The Media is for entrepreneurs who are clear on their mission and who they want to serve.

➣ You prefer to have someone else do PR for you, and you have the budget for it. Self-explanatory, right? May I suggest a cheaper route? Buy this training and hand if off to your assistant or PR team. It’s better than dropping $70,000, plus now you’ve got an in-house team getting you coverage 365 days a year. Now you start to feel like you hit the big-time.

➣ You flip-flop between ideas and struggle to commit to one thing. I won’t ask you to give up your multiple passion projects, but I DO need you to focus on one business at a time.

➣ You’re looking for a magic bullet, and not prepared to show up and do the work. If you don’t get that bringing the PR magic is literally ALL ABOUT YOU, then this isn’t for you. But on the other hand, if you are prepared to do the work for the next 30 days, I (literally) guarantee you’ll get media attention.

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On the other hand, this program is a hot match for you if:


➣ You have a tantalizing “origin story” you just know the media would eat up. Why did you get into the business you’re in? I’m betting it’s not the career your parents dreamed for you, and probably not what you studied in college either. Whatever it is, we’ll polish that story up until it’s so shiny all the major media outlets are clamoring to publish it.

➣ Your business solves a real problem. I’m not saying you should have the cure for cancer. But you do need to offer a valid solution to something your ideal customer is suffering with. Again, we’ll hone in that inside the course.

➣ You want to make a bigger contribution in your business. Your business is about more than money—though you’re happy to collect the dosh AND make an impact with your epic product or service.

➣ You have a proven business model, you just need more people to know about it. You already have happy clients and customers who are saying great things about you, but you’d like to have a whole lot more. You want to bypass the slow and steady method to supercharge your results.

You’re a natural action taker, all you need is the action plan. If you’re tired of doing the wrong activities, join the club. Master The Media will leverage your natural inclination to get sh*t done, and show you the path to superfast results.

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I'm a few weeks in and… I was quoted in a Hello Giggles feature yesterday! Woop! The feature linked to my latest book (which was my goal of course!)

Andi Eaton, Author of Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style