A 60-day publicity accelerator and A-Z implementation plan to create winning pitches and own the press


I've taken everything I've learned from helping clients and students worldwide get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Mashable, Refinery29 and more through my PR agency, Appleseed Communications, and distilled it down into a simple system that helps the little guy get featured on prestigious magazines through a secret back door that is completely ethical... and fast. 


Master The Media flips the script on what every other media training program is teaching.

Instead of spending weeks or months “practicing” and working your way up the ladder with small-time websites and podcasts, you’re going to GO FOR GOLD — starting with major media outlets with millions of views and downloads per month.


(Yes, even if you’ve never been featured anywhere before.)


You’ll get the behind-the-scenes blueprint for how the magic really happens. Discover WHO to pitch to, WHERE to find their email addresses, and HOW to craft a pitch letter that sells your story hard… and get every template and tool you need to get it done in less time than it takes to drink a $7 designer latte.

The end result: more eyes on your business.

More click-throughs to your website. More potential clients booking those discovery calls. More customers adding themselves to your email list.

More. More. More.