Make your business the most-talked-about business on the internet

in 60 days or less


(...even if you’re not Kim Kardashian and you’ve never been featured ANYWHERE before)


Never before in the history of the planet has the ability to land a breakout media story been more accessible than it is today.

You don’t need to stage a “wardrobe malfunction” to get featured on Global. It’s not about knowing the right people, or kowtowing to some guy in a suit.

The age of the Internet has proven one thing: you can be your own publicist.

You can go from hanging out in the shadows, feeling unknown, to being unforgettable. Imagine getting featured on the front page of The New York Times business section with zero previous media coverage.

You have that ability, right

If you know how. You need a blueprint.

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Think That Publicity Is Only For Celebrities? Wrong.

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And here’s what else you may not realize:

The success of your business relies on your VISIBILITY.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a juicier origin story than Wonder Woman and a product that’s more revolutionary than the smartphone—

if no one’s talking about it, you don’t have a business.

When you focus on getting visibility, everything in your business shifts.

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Clients & Customers Fall From The Sky

When people read about you in Forbes or O Magazine, you don’t have to work so damn hard to find customers. Leads drop into your lap without you having to desperately chase them.

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People Are Willing To Pay You More $$$

Who would you pay big money to work with: the life coach who friended you on Facebook and bullied you into a free consultation, or the life coach you saw featured on mindbodygreen and Inc last month?

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You Sell Without Selling

Hate doing sales calls? Feel like you’re practically begging for the sale and offering way too many discounts and fringe benefits? Media attention = pre-sold customers who don’t need to hear your sales pitch, they’re ready to, yesterday.

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Your Business Becomes Scaleable

Transitioning from 1:1 client work to group programs? Want to turn your one-man shop into a full-scale agency? All it takes is more visibility.

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Doesn’t it sting when your competitor gets featured by Forbes or Oprah?

Are you secretly jealous every time you see your entrepreneur pals on a national website, while you’re still running on coffee and dreams? Fabulous.

Jealousy is a flashing neon sign, calling you to play bigger.

So before you go running off to search the want ads for a “real job,” or decide there’s nothing all that special about you after all, I want you to consider this:

What if you could land epic media features too?

What if you could land epic media features too?

What if it weren’t some elite club that only a 7-figure business can access?

What if it were YOUR picture on the homepage of Business Insider?

What if there is an insider access club where you can get noticed by premier press personnel?


Here’s why most pitch emails never get opened, and even fewer get read word-by-word

(plus how to make sure your story gets heard)


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You’ve got 101 excuses for not sending that pitch email. You’re not sure what to say, who to send it too, or if your story is compelling enough.

Once you figure out your angle and where your audience is, you’ll be firing off pitch emails 4-5 times a week without breaking a sweat.


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99.9% of pitches land in the wrong inbox. It’s so discouraging to work hard on a pitch only to hear crickets. But when you get clear on who’s looking for a story like yours, and you know where to find up-to-date contact information, you’re 100x more likely to get from “pitched” to “published.”


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Successful pitches make it easy-as-a-can-of-spaghetti for a journalist to say “hell, yes!” They’re carefully outlined with 3-5 story angles and possible headlines. They’re so well constructed that it would be more work for an editor NOT to publish.


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Your email subject line is the #1 thing that gets you noticed. No stunning opener = no opening at all. Top contributors to Forbes and Inc get thousands of pitches a day. Unless your subject line stands out like a pink Cadillac at a football game, you aren’t getting past the 30-yard line.

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If you want to get off the struggle bus,
you must get the attention of the media

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Landed two Fortune 500 speaking gigs last week. Excited. Honored. I have a new series for Thrive Global called “Now is Your New Next”... Watch for details on my column launch! Hot stuff!

RANDI LEVIN, Author, Fortune 500 Speaker, Transitional Life Coach




A 60-day publicity accelerator and A-Z implementation plan to create winning pitches and own the press


I've taken everything I've learned from helping clients and students worldwide get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Mashable, Refinery29 and more through my PR agency, Appleseed Communications, and distilled it down into a simple system that helps the little guy get featured on prestigious magazines through a secret back door that is completely ethical... and fast. 


Master The Media flips the script on what every other media training program is teaching.

Instead of spending weeks or months “practicing” and working your way up the ladder with small-time websites and podcasts, you’re going to GO FOR GOLD — starting with major media outlets with millions of views and downloads per month.


(Yes, even if you’ve never been featured anywhere before.)


You’ll get the behind-the-scenes blueprint for how the magic really happens. Discover WHO to pitch to, WHERE to find their email addresses, and HOW to craft a pitch letter that sells your story hard… and get every template and tool you need to get it done in less time than it takes to drink a $7 designer latte.

The end result: more eyes on your business.

More click-throughs to your website. More potential clients booking those discovery calls. More customers adding themselves to your email list.

More. More. More.


Master the Media

is the only media training on the market that...



… instead of pitching the smaller outlets first.

Most PR training teaches the BOTTOM-UP approach. A little guest blog here. A startup podcast there. Master The Media takes a TOP-DOWN approach, and teaches you how to approach national platforms right away.



Ever feel like some people have all the right connections? As a Forbes contributor and connected PR pro, opportunities come across my desk almost every day—apply for a TED talk, contribute to a magazine, get featured on a national platform. I pass many of those on to my students.



If you feel tongue-tied and don’t know what to say, this will save you! Just apply one of these archetypes and you’ve got a story. This helps avoid one of the most common PR pitfalls even the pros fall into: sending boring “announcement-style” pitches that go straight into the spam filter.



You get it all in one program. Because landing one big article in Glamour Magazine is only the beginning. Next you’ll be preparing a TED Talk and negotiating your terms for a regular contribution to Forbes.


Here’s how this comprehensive training breaks down…


Module 01

PR Basics & The PR Industry

You'll discover exactly how the public relations industry works and how the game is played when it comes to media exposure (and use it to your advantage).

  • Discover the HOW and WHY of positioning yourself as an expert
  • Know what’s timely and newsworthy, so journalists want to publish your story ASAP
  • Essential mindset shifts to make overcome mental blocks and make your pitches convincing
  • Master Plan Blueprint to help you craft your custom media campaign

    Module 02

    Find Your Target Customer

    Discover who your raving fans are and connect with them on a deep and powerful level to share your true vision and build valuable relationships.

  • The “Empathy-First” approach to PR for attracting your ideal customers
  • A plug ‘n’ play questionnaire for determining your customers pleasure and pain points
  • How to craft a story your customers will click on (because what good is a media feature if your audience did not see it?)

    Module 03

    Find Your Talking Points, Media Angles, and the Right Reporter to Champion You

    Learn how to quickly identify the juiciest media angles that can get you tons of coverage, help you gain massive exposure, and align your messaging and the vision that truly lies in your heart.

  • Discover my formula for finding email addresses, without paying $3000/month for a media database
  • The mechanics of a successful pitch letter, from subject line to email signature
  • Know how often to follow up and what to put in your follow-up emails
  • Match the right story to the right platform, so your A-list pitch doesn’t fall on the wrong ears
  • Get a list of sample outlets to pitch by topic and category

    Module 04

    Crush Your Media Interview

    Make a huge positive impact during your interviews plus, find out how your best interviews can provide a platform of exposure for years to come.

  • A step-by-step process for preparing the interview once you’ve got a “yes”
  • How to take control of the interview in the first 15 seconds
  • The “stall” trick you MUST use if you want your interview to win you clients and customers
  • A question-by-question formula that works no matter what you’re asked

    Module 05

    Leverage Your Interviews For More Media Requests

    Gain more exposure, learn to leverage your time more effectively, and negotiate deals with larger and larger media outlets.

  • How to leverage your media coverage to get the maximum juice out of every feature
  • The ever-evolving pitch letter that grows with each new media opportunity
  • How to use your media coverage to build credibility with Facebook ads while you work on other things
  • Spin a single feature article into a year’s worth of publicity

    And to make sure you have all the extra support you need, you'll also get on-demand access me in:

    The Private Master the Media Student Portal

    (a $9600/year value)



    This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately, learn from what other entrepreneurs are doing, and get insider tips on the media looking for a good scoop.

    • Get on-demand access to me any day of the workweek

    • Join an vibrant community of entrepreneurs in six countries supporting each other every step of the way 

    • Share media opportunities and celebrate when you book that TED Talk or get featured in the pages of your favorite magazine

    • Match with a High-Achieving Accountability Partner to keep you accountable in your media efforts

    • Get curated opportunities for media coverage from award-winning visibility strategist, Ashley Crouch


    Plus, you’ll get these bonus trainings to take your mega media opps to the next level:



    Pitch Perfect

    Valued at $1500

    Have something to say, you just need the platform? Want to stand out as an industry expert and thought leader? Pitch Perfect is an 8-lesson course will walk you through how to pitch yourself as a regular contributor to your favorite outlets, from your go-to blog, to the most elite national outlets in the country.

    You’ll learn unique strategies for these pitch letters, how to negotiate your rates, whether to send a full article or just a pitch idea, and how to land interviews with influencers, to give you the best possible shot at a regular gig.



    Speak Like a Genius

    Valued at $2500

    Tired of seeing your peers starting to get invited to speak at conferences, workshops, on panels? Wondering, why am I not getting chosen? That’s the WORST. You know you have a ton to offer and maybe you even see people who are speaking and think you would be more qualified.


    Speak like a Genius is an 8-lesson course course all about how to land yourself on stages at your favorite conferences. Access lists of sample places to speak by topic category, summits, organizations, dates, pitch templates, guidance on how to negotiate rates, and bonus training with a TEDx speaker.

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    Get A Bad Case Of Writer’s Block The Second You Sit Down To Write? No Problemo.



    Swipes & Templates

    Valued at $300


    Get endless email templates, pitch templates and swipes so that crafting an enticing pitch letter is as easier as copy/pasting and filling in the blanks!



    21 Media Dos & Don’ts from Decision-Makers at Fox, ABC & The Today Show

    Valued at $97

    Too many pitches never make it to publication because they’re making super-simple, easily-corrected mistakes. Before you send one more pitch letter, run your email through the filter of these 21 Dos & Don’ts to give yourself the best possible shot at getting featured.



    High-Performing Headlines: The Ultimate Subject Line Swipe File for Pitching National Platforms

    Valued at $97

    Get my top-performing subject lines from literally thousands of pitch emails I’ve sent over almost a decade. Want to get attention from major media outlets? These swipe-able subject lines will get your emails opened!


    Total value of more than $26,994.

    Your Investment


    Need help ordering or have questions?



    Imagine how much better entrepreneurship would be if...

    ➣ Instead of constantly hustling for clients and feeling like each day could be your last in business, you have a waitlist of new leads begging to be added to your empire

    ➣ You felt easy & confident in front of a crowd and could dominate any interview to the point that listeners are drooling to work with you

    ➣ You could raise your rates with ZERO pushback from clients and customers, because they know you’re a top-brass pro

    ➣ Interview opportunities came to you, instead of you having to seek them out all the time


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    Because of some incredible training through this program (and I'm like, 1/2 through the videos) I have been able to kill it on media interviews lately, score MORE interviews, AND just guest hosted a popular chat that reached over 683K! 

    Ashley offers SUCH a great framework for success!! I spent too much time winging this shit.

    Jen brown, author, founder of the engaging educator


    Master the Media has given me the confidence to not only effectively do my own PR...

    ...but wow various media outlets with my writing. From identifying my target audience, to writing a pitch letter, to looking great for an interview, I now feel certain that I can and will be successful in my industry. I highly recommend Ashley's Master the Media course. It is a powerful and valuable gem for any entrepreneur at any stage of their journey. Thank you Ashley!

    Ashley K Alaimo


    Join Master the Media today

    and get…


    The full Master the Media Program

    (a $26994 value)


    You'll get access to the most comprehensive media training on the market today, including:


    • The full program 5-module Master The Media Training Program

    • On-demand access to me through the private student group

    • Swipes & templates to make your media efforts move 1000x quicker

    • Option for High-Achieving Accountability Partners to help you get results

    • 21 Media Dos & Don’ts from Decision-Makers at Fox, ABC and The Today Show

    • High-Performing Headlines: The Ultimate Subject Line Swipe File for Pitching National Platforms

    • ***BONUS COURSE: Pitch Perfect

    • ***BONUS COURSE: Speak Like A Genius


    Total value of more than $26,994.


    Need help ordering or have questions? 


    Hold the phone a sec! This program is not for you if:


    ➣ You think it’s egotistical to try and get media attention. If you’re going to get land major media attention, I need you to really want this—with zero judgment on yourself or anyone else in the program.

    ➣ You have no idea what you want to be known for or who your target audience is. Master The Media is for entrepreneurs who are clear on their mission and who they want to serve.

    ➣ You prefer to have someone else do PR for you, and you have the budget for it. Self-explanatory, right? May I suggest a cheaper route? Buy this training and hand if off to your assistant or PR team. It’s better than dropping $70,000, plus now you’ve got an in-house team getting you coverage 365 days a year. Now you start to feel like you hit the big-time.

    ➣ You flip-flop between ideas and struggle to commit to one thing. I won’t ask you to give up your multiple passion projects, but I DO need you to focus on one business at a time.

    ➣ You’re looking for a magic bullet, and not prepared to show up and do the work. If you don’t get that bringing the PR magic is literally ALL ABOUT YOU, then this isn’t for you. But on the other hand, if you are prepared to do the work for the next 30 days, I (literally) guarantee you’ll get media attention.

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    On the other hand, this program is a hot match for you if:


    ➣ You have a tantalizing “origin story” you just know the media would eat up. Why did you get into the business you’re in? I’m betting it’s not the career your parents dreamed for you, and probably not what you studied in college either. Whatever it is, we’ll polish that story up until it’s so shiny all the major media outlets are clamoring to publish it.

    ➣ Your business solves a real problem. I’m not saying you should have the cure for cancer. But you do need to offer a valid solution to something your ideal customer is suffering with. Again, we’ll hone in that inside the course.

    ➣ You want to make a bigger contribution in your business. Your business is about more than money—though you’re happy to collect the dosh AND make an impact with your epic product or service.

    ➣ You have a proven business model, you just need more people to know about it. You already have happy clients and customers who are saying great things about you, but you’d like to have a whole lot more. You want to bypass the slow and steady method to supercharge your results.

    You’re a natural action taker, all you need is the action plan. If you’re tired of doing the wrong activities, join the club. Master The Media will leverage your natural inclination to get sh*t done, and show you the path to superfast results.

    Andi Eaton.png


    I'm a few weeks in and… I was quoted in a Hello Giggles feature yesterday! Woop! The feature linked to my latest book (which was my goal of course!)

    Andi Eaton, Author of Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style

    The 30-Day Buy It & Try It
    Money-Back Guarantee


    Look, I know you’re time-starved and scared. “Can I actually do this?” “Does the media really care about little ol’ ME?” I don’t want you to miss out the mass media attention that will transform your business.

    So I’m making it really easy for you.

    Try it out for 30 days. As long as you watch the modules and follow the system I show you, it will work. And if it doesn’t, I’ll give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that my system works.

    But I will hold you accountable by asking to see your homework. Because I know we all need hand-holding sometimes. A little push to get us off our butts and doing the work that’s going to move the needle and bring the customers calling.


    *We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please view the full refund policy here →


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here’s what others asked before merging onto the freeway to media glory

    + I am already so busy. How much time do I have to invest to see results?

    I’d love for 10% of your resources to be focused on visibility, but I get that you might have to work up to that. (Once you see the results, you’ll be HAPPY to do it!) But I’ve made sure that you can do this program in only 5-10 hours a month.

    That’s just 1 hour a week to invest in amplifying your business—less time than it takes you to drink that luxe champagne (treat yourself!). You can subtract it from all those useless hours you spend scrolling your social media feeds.

    + I’m a mob boss / used car saleswoman / totally unique business. Will what you teach apply?

    Absolutely. You do NOT need to be in a specific type of business to apply what I teach. Online or brick-and-mortar, I’ve used these techniques for all types of businesses in my agency, Appleseed Communications. They work.

    + Yeah, but what if it doesn’t work for me?

    Then I give you your money back. Straight up. You’ve got 30 days to try the program. If you watch the modules, implement what I teach, and it DOESN’T work, you’ll qualify for a refund.

    Listen, when I first developed this system for myself I had zero media contacts. None. I built all the amazing relationships I have with Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, Refinery29, Hello Giggles, Brit & Co, New York Times, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, and more, using this exact system. I know it works.

    + How long does it take to see results?

    Previous clients and students have landed major media like Thrive Global, Hello Giggles, SHAPE, mindbodygreen, American Express OPEN Forum, Buzzfeed, and Fast Company in as little as 24 hours or just a few weeks.

    + I don’t have an hour a week. Can my intern or assistant do it?

    Absolutely! This is a plug and play, step by step program. Anyone can learn my reverse-engineered system and put it into practise. And if you choose to have your assistant execute publicity then it’s just more time for you to focus on your zone of genius!

    + How do I know if I’m ready?

    Do you have a business that deserves to be seen and heard by more people around the world? Are you committed to putting money and time down to support your vision and your mission? Then simple. You’re ready.

    + Will this work if I don’t live in the US?

    Yes! I’ve taught business owners from all over the world and the principles and system taught in Master the Media work around the globe.

    + How long will I have access?

    Modules are delivered weekly for 60 days, and you can go back and access previous modules at anytime. Everything is downloadable so you’ll have lifetime access.

    + Do I get actual guidance from you?

    Even though the system you’ll learn in Master the Media is hugely powerful, personal feedback is super helpful for time-starved entrepreneurs. That’s why I show up regularly in the private student portal and offer feedback on your questions, your pitches, whatever you need. I also pass along many of my exclusive media opportunities directly to my students, so you get the benefit of my rolodex.