Never before in the history of the planet has the ability to land a breakout media story been more accessible than it is today.

You don’t need to stage a “wardrobe malfunction” to get featured on Global. It’s not about knowing the right people, or kowtowing to some guy in a suit.

The age of the Internet has proven one thing: you can be your own publicist.

You can go from hanging out in the shadows, feeling unknown, to being unforgettable. Imagine getting featured on the front page of The New York Times business section with zero previous media coverage.

You have that ability, right

If you know how. You need a blueprint.

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Think That Publicity Is Only For Celebrities? Wrong.

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And here’s what else you may not realize:

The success of your business relies on your VISIBILITY.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a juicier origin story than Wonder Woman and a product that’s more revolutionary than the smartphone—

if no one’s talking about it, you don’t have a business.

When you focus on getting visibility, everything in your business shifts.

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Clients & Customers Fall From The Sky

When people read about you in Forbes or O Magazine, you don’t have to work so damn hard to find customers. Leads drop into your lap without you having to desperately chase them.

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People Are Willing To Pay You More $$$

Who would you pay big money to work with: the life coach who friended you on Facebook and bullied you into a free consultation, or the life coach you saw featured on mindbodygreen and Inc last month?

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You Sell Without Selling

Hate doing sales calls? Feel like you’re practically begging for the sale and offering way too many discounts and fringe benefits? Media attention = pre-sold customers who don’t need to hear your sales pitch, they’re ready to, yesterday.

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Your Business Becomes Scaleable

Transitioning from 1:1 client work to group programs? Want to turn your one-man shop into a full-scale agency? All it takes is more visibility.

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