Sarah Moshman

No One Told Them About The 40 Foot Waves...


Not so long ago, Natalia, Laura, Emma, and Meg found themselves on top of a 40 foot wave staring down from their 29 foot pink boat named Doris. They were attempting to set a world record by being the first female team to successfully row the Pacific Ocean.

They were successful, journeying from San Francisco, CA for 254 days and over 8,400 miles to Cairns, Australia. When they set out, they didn't fully anticipate the harsh conditions, the ups and downs they would face on this epic journey.

Their example hit close to home for me and may resonate with you, too: entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world.

Founder of B-School, Marie Forleo says, “start before you’re ready” and “everything is figureoutable.” But as you go, no one tells you that you might run out of resources, face self-doubt, question the whole point, feel lonely, or wonder why there are sharks following you for two weeks (and not the good kind on Shark Tank.)

They also don’t tell you about the highs you will feel: landing your first client, closing your first round of funding, getting your first real office. Yay! No more days in the living room wearing PJs!

My friend, Emmy Award-winning documentary film maker Sarah Moshman just released the documentary, Losing Sight of Shore about these four women nationwide on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

Although you might not be rowing the Pacific, it is inspiring and relevant because as they say “everyone has their own Pacific to cross.”

What is your Pacific?

I was lucky enough to be able to interview the women for the New York Times / Women in the World. Their insights and example continue to be tools that propel me along the journey. If you need a little motivation to crush it this week, check it out.