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The Ultimate Marie Forleo B-School Bonus

The Ultimate Marie Forleo B-School Bonus

<< Good things come to those who hustle?? >>

Yes or no?

In my first company, people thought we came out of nowhere. In reality, we had been working around the clock for 3 years. Traffic was low and investors were nowhere to be seen. 💤

This was our philosophy: "We just have to hustle. Good things come to those who work hard."

This is only 1/2 the story.

We needed to know how to position ourselves in the market.

So do you.

‼️THIS is why I am offering the Publicity Prowess Accelerator for B-School.

You are dead in the water unless you differentiate.

You have more competitors than ever and less 💵💵 than they do to rise through the ranks.

Publicity Prowess Bonus gives you critical skills to get the attention of the Power Players in national media outlets, build partnerships, credibility, and clients… from Day One.

>Publicity Prowess makes you David in a world of Goliaths.<

It’s not just a simple webinar course that will teach you to start small, land small podcasts and blogs, write a few guests posts and in 20 years, get a national feature. (Hint: that is the backwards way to do it and a waste of time. Don’t fall for it.)

You will learn how to:

✔️Get featured in National Media outlets in 30 days (Wouldn’t you rather hire the coach featured in Fast Company, mindbodygreen, and Forbes? Of course you would… and so would your clients.)
✔️ Work with an award-winning visibility strategist 1:1 to refine your story… for free. I have placed first-time entrepreneurs in Forbes, O Magazine, Fast Company, mindbodygreen, Thrive Global, SHAPE, FOX Business, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, and countless others.
✔️ Get in front of national media for custom connection and personal relationship-building… even if you are not in New York City and live in the middle of nowhere / foreign country / etc.

You will have a ninja skill that allows you to rocket to the top.

Verily landed the Breakout Story in the New York Post. 🎯Traffic went from 30,000 views per month to 280,000 views per month in 2 weeks. We landed 4 rounds of investor funding as an all-women team.

🆕🆕🆕Verily launched a global #NoPhotoshop movement that continues 8 years later. The rest is history. 🆕🆕🆕

If you don’t have a platform, you need to harness a bigger platform to accelerate your own. 🚀

Are you a go-getter who is ready to go big? Sign up here using my affiliate link to get Publicity Prowess Accelerator with lifetime access.