I got a job at an (alleged) money laundering company...

Five years ago, I was feeling lost and I found this roadmap.

You see, I had just returned from Australia, where I was doing a press tour and some spontaneous modelling. I stood at a crossroads. The first No Photoshop fashion magazine I helped launch, Verily, was skyrocketing around the world, and I secured 180 media features in eight months for the magazine.

Modelling in Sydney, Australia

Modelling in Sydney, Australia

But something in the pit of my stomach new my time was up. As much as I loved the mission, we were volunteers working around the clock… which doesn’t food on the table, you know what I’m sayin’?

Everyone was telling me to get a real job… with BENEFITS! The regular ol’ 9 - 5 with a steady paycheck.

So while I munched on my lunch of canned beans, I sent hundreds of resumes into the world. All the top job sites knew more about my life than my own family.

And the offers started rolling in… in a leap of faith, I accepted a position on Wall Street working as a ad sales manager for a media company.

With fresh suit, heels, and bottomless anticipation, I found myself in a sea of cubicles. There I was, with hopeful young professionals surrounding me, ready to make it big.

But then the weirdness began. The manager was out of the office. The interim manager was flustered and came in late. One hour later, all of us Shiny Hopefuls were ushered into an office and told the boss quit that morning without warning.

There went my new job training…

At lunch, we Shiny Hopefuls sat around the table and realized no one had been at the position for longer than two weeks. And no one had been paid yet. All day, I sat in front of my computer screen reflecting on my future.

I walked out. (My dad advised me to distance myself from the likelihood of a Money Laundering Company.)

It was time for something better. A brighter future. On my own terms.

But remember how I was living on savings for 5 months? Well, I had the Power Suit and Power Heels, but no $$ and no time to get an MBA.

A few days later, I was introduced to Marie Forleo’s training videos and she said one phrase that changed my life:

Everything is figureoutable.

In the first episode of Marie Forleo’s pre-B-school power-packed free training, she gives you the PILLARS to growing a profitable business online (key word is PROFITABLE. Remember, revenue feeds the ego, profit feeds the FAMILY.)

Marie Forleo

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to be successful, even if you are multi-passionate

  • Strategies to get the cash rolling in right from day one (without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman, spamming your friends, or asking mom and dad.)

  • The highest impact actions to take *right now* to rocket yourself to stardom online, and step beyond the noise into a category of ONE, using your own unique voice…

    • Marie also gives a wake-up call about what’s happening in the online world today, which blew my mind (see it around 17 minute mark).

  • Why creative people have the EDGE in business in 2019 (yes, really!) and how to maximize your unfair advantage from the comfort of your couch.

When I was getting started, this really lit a fire under me.

Final note, if you hate your website and want to level up your personal brand - maybe even aspire to be like those mega-influencer role models you secretly envy - this training will help you get there.

WATCH 6 Pillar Roadmap Now

This video could be your roadmap to your dreams.

Wherever you are in your business or life, remember, you got this. The future is brighter than you could ever imagine.

Coffee, dreams, and jumping off a cliff

Five years ago this month, I was teetering on the edge.

Living off dwindling savings. Eating food from the care packages my mom sent me.

At an intersection between staying at the startup company where I had not been paid for 5 months...

Or moving into a bigger life.

I was at a juncture, not knowing which way to turn. But I felt like it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye to working for "the man" - making other people's dreams come true.

Goodbye to long hours, no vacation, little pay, stressful bosses, and wondering "is this all there is?"

Goodbye to looking like I "had it all" on the outside and on the inside, feeling like I was stifled, unfulfilled and inauthentic.

It was time to say hello.

Hello to stepping forward into my dreams.

Hello to launching my own company, where I could live and work from anywhere, anytime, any day, any way (and so could my team!)

Hello to working with clients that I was passionate about, serving and delivering life-changing work that would change their businesses forever.

But I didn't know how.

Then someone told me about B-School with Marie Forleo. All I knew was, I needed results... fast.

I felt like I was crazy, not just taking a step into the unknown, but rather throwing myself off a cliff.

You are going to hear me talking a lot about B-School in February. Like a lot, a lot.

B-School was the pivotal catalyst that forever changed the trajectory of my life. And I want to share it with you, so you get the behind-the-scenes story of what it was really like launching my company, Appleseed Communications.

Spoiler alert: Appleseed Communications is turning 5 years old! *cue the birthday balloons* I beat the odds. (And you can, too.)