Flash flood watch in effect

Flash flood watch in effect until Tuesday at 23:59 pm EST. 

That’s right. 24 hours from now, your inbox will be flooded with emails promoting B-School and all the glittery bonuses that go with it. 

I am hearing from many of you that B-School could be a great option for you this year. And I want to give you startup $$$ to make it happen. 

B-School Scholarship

B-School Scholarship

As you know, Marie Forleo offers a Scholarship opportunity to join B-School. This is a life-changing opportunity to access world class business training with SAVINGS to kickstart your company. 

More money in your pocket = more money to invest in your business dreams in 2019. 

*drum roll please* Appleseed is also offering a scholarship, The Prowess Scholarship. 

Before you go buy B-School this week and partner with someone, I want to sweeten the deal: 

If you choose to partner with me this year, I am offering a startup investment for one lucky partner in the amount of $500. This is 25% off your program (in addition to my insane bundle of bonuses, which is valued over $1000. But I can’t reveal the secret bonuses until tomorrow, so be sure to check your email at 9:05 am EST.) 

Want to apply? My Prowess Scholarship Application opens TODAY. 

You can take action and accrue your points immediately (Yes, even before cart opens for B-School).


  • Applicant must enroll in B-School in partnership with Ashley Crouch to be awarded the scholarship

  • $500 Scholarship will be awarded to one individual

  • 30 points is maximum points each individual can achieve.

  • 17 points is minimum points each individual must achieve in order to qualify for entry .

  • Application must be complete for consideration

  • Late entries will not be considered

  • Deadline to apply is February 25 at 23:59 EST

  • Winner is announced on February 27 at 9:05 am EST

  • $500 scholarship will be awarded as payment by March 1, 2019 at 23:59 EST (Nothing feels sweeter than launching a company and getting an investor on Day One.)

Still on the fence? Mob boss? Etsy seller? Random business idea that "might not be real"? Last chance to watch this third video in the training and see people from all walks of life who made it happen for themselves with B-School. 

B-School Cart opens TOMORROW for my juicy B-School bonuses, so check your email at 9:05 am EST. 

The Prowess Scholarship is open NOW! Go apply!!!